Top 5 Reasons why sellers want to sell houses

#1 Bottom line

People underestimate how much transaction fees are.  In DC, the seller typically pays 6% agent commission and pays the part of the tax, which is 1.45%.  Therefore, the seller may lose about 10% of the sales price to those transaction costs.  Smart sellers figure out that they may end up losing more money when they list their houses instead of selling to an investor like us.


#2 Problem tenants

Sometimes, it is too much to arrange showings when tenants live in your property.  You may miss so many opportunities to show and spend hours coordinating showings.  We work with your tenants and see your property whenever they are available.


#3 Too many repairs

Many sellers try to fix leaks, floods, molds, etc.  But you don’t have to do anything.  If you like, you can keep all the stuff in the house to leave it to us to take care of it.


#4 No equity

Sellers think that they cannot sell their house when there is no equity.  We have some programs to help you to sell your home, please contact us if this is the case.


#5 Facing Foreclosure?

Do you want to sell your house but do not have time to list your home? We are here to help you to make quick house sales.  Please call us if you would like a quick sale.


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