List of Things I Needed To Do When I Inherited  in Washington DC

List of Things I Needed To Do When I Inherited  in Washington DC: The Practical Way To Organize A Probate

Here is the list of items that you may have to complete for the probate process in Washington DC. The link to the list is here.

#1 File the will with the Probate Division within 90 days of death.

#2 Obtain Court order appointing the personal representative.

#3 Publish Notice of Appointment, Notice to Creditors and Notice to Unknown Heirs

#4 Mail Notice of Appointment, Notice to Creditors, and Notice to Unknown Heirs to interested persons within 20 days of order of appointment.

#5 Apply to IRS for estate identification number (EIN).

#6 Establish estate bank account (if needed).

#7  Apply for SSA, VA, and/or employment death benefits.

#8  Mail inventory to interested persons within 90 days of appointment.

#9  File with Court if supervised.

#10 Check with the Office of Unclaimed Property for any assets of the decedent File decedent’s income tax return by April 15 of the year after death • Federal • District of Columbia

#11  File income tax returns for the estate for each year estate is open if required

#12  File estate tax returns if required

#13 Supervised estates-File first account due one year plus one day from first date of publication-File subsequent accounts every nine months

#14 Make final distributions, including preparing and recording deeds transferring any realty held by estate

#15 Automatic termination of unsupervised personal representative(3 years from the date of appointment

#16 File petition for termination of appointment (if supervised)


You inherited the house in DC.  How do you sell the property?  If it is still under the deceased name, you need to open a probate at probate division at DC court.  Get an appreciate  forms for your case at DC probate division or you can get them at



It is critical that you organize the paperwork and keep track of accounting.   If you need to sell the property quickly with as-is condition, we are buying DC/MD/VA areas, please give us a call at 202-888-0219.


Please be aware: I am not a legal professional and my advice is purely based on my own experience and research and is no substitute for legal advice from a licensed professional. Nothing written on the pumainvestment blog should, or is intended to, constitute real legal advice.

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