How to prevent damage to your house

During the holiday season, many people take vacations.  We once came back from vacation to find out the pipe busted in our kitchen and damaged the floor and ceiling of the basement.


It came as a surprise, but now we use low heat setting to keep our water pipes from freezing.  There are also insulations that you can purchase from home depot to wrap the pipes to prevent from busting the pipes.

You should also drain and disconnect garden hoses.

You can also try to run a slow drip from hot and cold faucets. This will relieve pressure on the system and allow water to circulate, to prevent pipe from freezing.

Sometime, if the house is significantly damage, it may be wise to calculate the costs to determine whether if a home owner should make repairs or sell the house.


When you think that a house needs significant repairs due to damage, you want to call a contractor to get an estimate.  Sometimes, you think that you just need to fix the busted pipe.  However, there are times that mold grows.  If that is the case, you need to remove the mold, remove drywall, and repaint.


Secondarily, you may want to call a real estate investor who specializes in buying houses as-is condition.  They buy your house as-is for cash. In this way, you don’t pay repairs out of your pocket.  It may be financially make sense for you.


When the repairs or damage are out of control, keep this in mind: you have this alternative method of selling your house hassle-free.   We buy houses that need significant repairs, including structures, mold termite damage.

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