Much like many of the neighborhoods on the North East side of D.C., Woodridge is a neighborhood that is undergoing transformation. In recent years, the neighborhood (as well as D.C. in general) have become populated with young millennials and professionals alike, along with younger families looking for places to settle down and call their own. The major draw to Woodridge and other surrounding areas is its ability to retain a quiet, suburban feel without the large price tags that accompany many of the other more prominent neighborhoods in D.C.


While a few of the other neighborhoods on the North East side are older and less developed in housing options, Woodridge is truly an urban suburb in its own right. The borders of the neighborhood are Eastern Avenue, Michigan Avenue, 18th Street, New York Avenue, and Bladensburg Road. Unlike many of the other areas in D.C., Woodridge features plenty of small single family home communities that create a truly suburban, off-city vibe that is hard to find anywhere else in D.C.


The retail shops and commercial businesses are not as frequent here (as is common with the rest of the North East side), though there are a few restaurants to indulge in, like Clara’s Italian and VIP Thai Cuisine. If you are a lover of books, you’ll find solace in the Woodrige Neighborhood Library, located at 18th and Rhode Island Avenue NE. But, the major draw to this neighborhood is its affordability. There might not be many nearby shops, restaurants, or local entertainment options close to Woodridge, but the ability to buy a home that is spacious and roomy with a backyard and plenty of grass is worth the minor sacrifice for many residents.


Though Woodridge has gained in popularity in the last few years, with potential residents frequently inquiring about houses going up for sale, there isn’t much moving in and moving out that happens in Woodridge. This adds to its suburban charm, making it a stable, consistent neighborhood for those who don’t like too much change. The community in Woodridge is also keen on constantly finding ways to improve overall life in the area, and its the residents’ interest in the area that make Woodridge such a great place to settle down.

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