For a residential area with a close-knit feel, Petworth will be the neighborhood for you. The area is filled with community gatherings, restaurants, independent shops, and so much more. The neighborhood is known for its unique and individualized offerings for its residents and passing visitors alike. One of the major community events, celebrate Petworth, is an annual food, music, art and all around family event that draws residents and visitors to the area each year. That along with the other unique community events like the regular jazz concerts via the Petworth Jazz Project, the Upshur Street Handmade Art & Craft Fair, and the Petworth Community Market are enough to keep residents coming back for more.


Real estate in Petworth is fairly pricey, much like other larger neighborhoods in DC, but it isn’t hard to see why many residents consider the housing prices worth the fuss. The area is densely populated like many other surrounding neighborhoods, and is considering an urban area. Much of the real estate in this area consists of medium sized single family townhouse and a plethora of apartment and condominium buildings. Many of the real estate is historic in Petworth, with a large chunk of homes and building built no later than 1939, and this old charm resonates throughout the area.


One of the many interesting characteristics of Petworth is that many of its residents are green friendly and prefer biking as their main mode of transportation. In a city like DC, that is definitely doable, and Petworth exemplifies this with its 8.6% of regular bikers. The residents in this area are also big supporters of the arts and shopping local, and the many community events show off their desire to invest back into their own neighborhoods.


Overall, Petworth is a neighborhood that has the best of D.C. – bustling city feel and plenty of shops and entertainment to keep you busy – with all of the right parts of a relaxed, residential area for you and your family.


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