LeDroit Park


LeDroit park is one of the oldest neighborhoods in D.C., and has seen good and bad years in the past. It was founded in 1873 and was one of D.C’s first suburbs, creating a popular and preferred residential option for those who worked downtown. Towards the mid 1900s, the neighborhood had become a sort of modern-renaissance homeland, with many artists, scientists, poets, and musicians taking up shop here.


Just like a few of the other D.C. neighborhoods, LeDroit Park was neglected towards the end of the 20th century, when it lost of many of its residents to better neighborhoods, and become a desolate area that not many newcomers wanted to settle in. Recently, interested has renewed in LeDroit Park with many houses and apartment building being restored (with new ones on the rise), much of the public city being renovated and updated, and a few newer businesses moving into town.


While it is a neighborhood on the up and up, the smaller, “looked over” feel to the area allow it to retain a certain level of affordability – which is important to many new and first time home buyers in this ever rising housing market.


The borders of LeDroit Park are Florida and Rhode Island Avenues to the south, 2nd Street to the east, Howard University to the north, and Bohrer Street and Howard University Hospital to the west. It shoulders the neighborhoods of Shaw and Bloomgdale, though it is just far away enough from the rest of the major city to avoid too much over crowning and bustling noise. The homes in this area are incredibly distinct to many other parts of D.C. – most of them are Victorian style homes built in the late 1800s. Among these are a few scattered apartment complexes, row homes and a few public housing buildings. The classic architecture and pure beauty of the Victorian homes is enough to draw in new residents – and that along with the affordable price tag that comes with many of the homes is enough to convince them to stay. You’ll also find a healthy mix of local restaurants like The Royal and Eat The Rich, as well as some recreation options like Gage-Eckington park nearby.


The residents are a mix of older retirees and younger families looking for a suburban place to settle, and with the rise of new renovation projects, the community feel is very strong here. While many might be turned away from LeDroit Park’s previous bad reputation, the residents of the neighborhood know that it is an excellent place to live, and that many people will regret passing up the opportunity to call the area home.

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