Eckington is one of D.C’s oldest neighborhoods, and one that has not lost its slightly historic charm. Though over the years Eckington lost much of its population and popularity, change in the housing market in the last decade have creating a small boom of residents in this neighborhood once again.


Eckington is bordered in by North Capitol Street on the west, Rhode Island Avenue on the north, Metropolitan Branch Trail on the east, and Florida Avenue in the south. It’s nearby Brentwood and Bloomingdale, two neighborhoods which are just a stone’s throw away from Eckington.


Eckington was named for a village in England where the original land owner, Joseph Gales, Jr., was born. Over time, retail and commercial businesses started popping up around Eckington, slowly turning it into a more residential, open neighborhood. George Truesdell bought the land in 1887 and began developing it into square blocks that were planned to include rows of houses and apartment buildings, hoping to draw residents to the area.


While Bloomingdale is not far off from Eckington, there is a geographical divide by North Capitol Street to make the boundaries clear. Housing on the Bloomingdale side is often more expensive and overpriced than similar housing options in Eckington. The neighborhood also features a few corner markets and local shops, but is sparse in terms of other major commercial options. There are a few local eateries that are worth checking out, like The Pub & The People and The Old Engine 12 Restauraunt. There are also a few schools in Eckington, with McKinley Tech High School and Santon Park and being the main two.


Much like a few of the other small neighborhoods along the North East side of D.C., Eckington offers affordable options that the more expensive D.C. areas fail to have. While it is not quite the bustling, busy neighborhood that many might prefer, the recent attention to Eckington and its need for an increase in commercial and retail traffic will be enough for potential residents to find their home here.

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