Many residents of the area would describe Deanwood as a neighborhood in transition. There are plenty of beautiful, old style single-story cottages and two-level brick duplexes that line the streets – a unique change to the rows of townhomes and apartment complexes of other neighborhoods. Many of the homes are smaller (usually 900 to 1200 square feet), but have their own suburban charm about them, with most of them being refurbished or renovated in recent years.


The main boundaries of Deanwood are Eastern Avenue to the north east, Kenilworth Avenue to the northwest, and Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue to the south.

What makes Deanwood stand out from the other areas of Washington, D.C.? Unlike most of the ritzy, high priced and low-vacancy neighborhoods, it is still possible to find a reasonably priced home in Deanwood. The area is not nearly as populated and crowded with city minded folks as other parts of D.C., and was built to be and continues to remain a primarily residential area.


In fact, up until the 1960s, most of the streets in Deanwood were unpaved and left without major commercial and retail businesses. Even today, while there are a handful of local shops and eateries, Deanwood remains largely unpopulated by major businesses and large commercial strips. One of the drawbacks of this neighborhood might be the lack of prominent retail, but this very characteristic is what allows Deanwood to maintain its low prices and solely residential feel.


Mary’s Place and the Deanwood Cafe offer a few eatery options, while the Deanwood Metro allows for easy transportation around the city for those who may not have access to a vehicle. While there may not be many commercial areas to roam about, there is plenty of outdoor space for those who love spending time with nature. There are a few outdoor parks, and the Deanwood Recreation Center offers a few indoor activities as well to keep residents active and busy.


For those who truly can’t live without major retail and commercial businesses in their lives, Deanwood is not a far walk from the Metro, which will allow you easy access to other major parts of D.C.


All in all, if you are looking for an affordable way to start building your nest on this side of the country, Deanwood may be just be the perfect affordable residential neighborhood for you.

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