If you’re looking for a neighborhood that captures that bustling DC charm, Columbia Heights is for you. The urban development in this area is fairly new, with the neighborhood consisting of dry empty patches up until the mid-1990s. Since the opening of the Columbia Heights Metro station in 1999, the area started to see a whole new pace of activity that has continued through the current years.


The main borders of this area are Florida Avenue NW to Quincy Street NW and 16th Street NW to Georgia Avenue NW. Though medium in size, like most Washington DC neighborhoods, the area has retained a distinctive feel that makes it seem as though it is it’s own city.


Columbia Heights is neighborhood that has seen a change in growth over the last few years. The rising popularity of the neighborhood has created an increase in the housing prices in the area. The neighborhood is perfect for those who’d like to be close to the downtown area and other bustling neighborhoods without actually being right in the center of all of the noise. Like most DC neighborhoods, Columbia Heights features rows of duplexes and townhomes with a few single family homes sprinkled in, along with a few apartment and condominium buildings. The price per square foot in this area has jumped from $350 to $500 in 2016, and most listing don’t remain on the market for longer than 25 days.


While increase in popularity (and price) may throw off first time home buyers, Columbia Heights can be an incredible place to live, and may offer buyers some comfort in knowing that continued growth and development will keep the area thriving and growing – making buying a home a potentially worthy investment.


There are plenty of things to do in Columbia Heights, including taking a stroll in Meridian Hill Park, renting a bike from Capital Bikeshare and exploring the neighborhood, visiting the Saturday Farmer’s Market, or getting a dose of culture at the Mexican Cultural Institute. For local food that rivals many areas in DC, you’ll find Maple, Room 11, and Thip Khao – all amazing restaurants. While Columbia Heights isn’t far from central DC and does have much of that same busy, city attitude, it still retains a slightly (but still lively) suburban feel – making it great for city slickers that love the idea of being close the action while having the option to live a quieter, more family-based life. There are plenty of playgrounds and activities for young children, and plenty of weekend activities for families that love spending time together.


The commercial area of Columbia Heights has plenty to offer by way of shops, eateries, bars and much more. Overall, the social feel of this neighborhood is friendly and vibrant, and it offers something for anyone looking for a diverse place to call home.


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