Much of D.C. is filled with neighborhoods that are booming with activity and noise, but Brookland stands alone from these major crowded areas. Started as a farmland in the 19th century, the area grew into much more of a residential safe place after the Civil War. Instead of being a touristy area with a slight residential feel, Brookland has retained its own “trendy” vibe that is far different from the usual neighborhoods in the rest of D.C.


The main boundaries of Brookland are 9th Street NE to the west, Rhode Island Avenue NE to the south, and South Dakota Avenue to the east.


The neighborhood has been growing in residential popularity since the turn of the new century, with many new and potential residents seeking out Brookland as their new go-to destination to find a home. With improving education options, the area is perfect for families with children looking for a place to settle.


Brookland is certainly not as dense as other areas of D.C., though still retains its slightly crowded feel (as is typical of many other major D.C. locations). Typical home prices in this neighborhood average around $650,000 to $750,000, and they keep going up year after year.


So, what’s driving people to this rising neighborhood? Aside from the beautiful homes, residents love the vibe of Brookland. There are plenty of things to keep daily life interesting – everything from new restaurants (like the Brookland Grill), bars and pubs (like the Brookland Pint), entertainment options, local and commercial shops, and more. There are also quite a few landmarks in this neighborhood, like Trinity University and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops headquarters.The residents here usually have middle to high income and love the arts, outdoor events, and the general finer things in life. The homes in the area are fairly medium to large sized single-family homes and townhomes, and many of them were built before 1940, with only a few new properties being added between 1940 and 1969.


Brookland is definitely not a one way street when it comes to neighborhood vibe. It is not just a residential neighborhood and it is also not just a commercial hotspot. It has a pleasant mix of both, which makes it ideal for younger urbanites and families that don’t really want to pick one or the other!

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