Brightwood may not be the urban, hip neighborhood many young millennials and new families are looking for, but the rising housing options are making it a new “to watch” spot for many house hunters. The neighborhood has mainly consisted of professional residents who are now retired, but as the housing market changes and younger professionals flock to DC, Brightwood is quickly becoming the new neighborhood for young Washington-types. Many of the other DC areas are densely populated and consist of moderate to high home prices. Bright wood, unlike these areas, still has an open, loose feel and has managed to keep lower prices on homes – which is ideal for first time home buyers.


The boundaries of Brightwood are Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Aspen Street to the north, 16th Street and Rock Creek Park to the west, Georgia Avenue to the east, and Kennedy Street to the south.
Many of the homes in Brightwood are older with classic architecture. The homes here are medium in size, and are stacked in rows of duplexes, town homes, detached colonial homes, and a few apartment building. The houses have not been recently renovated, which might be a downside for some younger professionals looking for a swanky new place, but for millennials looking for a deal on a new home, the old charm of the neighborhood will provide an advantage when it comes to price.


For those who’d rather a newer, updated condominium to an older, lived-in home, The Lofts at Brightwood, The Tewkesbury, and a few other recent building will provide this option. For renters who are interested in calling Brightwood home but aren’t quite ready to settle down for good, rental options come in at just under $1000 a month – incredibly affordable for most young urbanites.


Unlike the hub of central DC, Brightwood may be difficult to navigate without a car, with the few shops and stores in the area spread out – though there are plenty of ways to enjoy the neighborhood. For eateries, head to Wapa Cafe Boutique or Simple Bar and Grill to get the best of the local cuisine. If you are interested in museums, you’ll find the National Museum of Health and Medicine here in Brightwood, along with plenty of recreation options like Rock Creek Park, the Fort Stevens Recreation Center, and Fort Slocum Park. If you take a drive along Georgia Avenue, you’ll find a few other quick and fast food options. Overall, the commercial scene and eateries may not be as popular in Brightwood as in other parts of DC, but this neighborhood is residential for a reason. The residents here like the quiet atmosphere that is opposite to the busy, bustling vibe of central DC.


If you prefer a residential area to get away from the city, and if you’re looking for an affordable place to settle down and place your roots in a new home, Brightwood may just be the place for you.

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