Anacostia as a neighborhood has experienced highs and lows in the past few years, but it has remained a treasured, loved part of Washington, D.C.. Located on the Southeast side of D.C., it is bounded by Good Hope Road to the north, Fort Stanton Park to the east, Morris Road to the south, and Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue to the west. The area is as in-development as it gets: new arts programs and centers are popping up all around, the real estate market in the neighborhood has started to rise, and the new mix of local and commercial businesses add a new thriving element to Anacostia.


In 1854, Anacostia was a larger D.C. suburb that was much wealthier and ritzier than it is today. Major highway and other developments started popping up in surrounding areas, however, which kept residents leaving Anacostia for something better – something more. Over the years and through the 21st century, the neighborhood has seen a decline in number of residents as well as general interest from the city to keep it up to date and prominent.


However, the greatest thing about Anacostia is its residential charm, and the local residents championed their way into a bigger, better neighborhood. The strong sense of community pushed for better housing options, infusion of more retail and transport options, and so much more. In the last few years, Anacostia has seen a quick turn around from being the neighborhood long forgotten to the neighborhood everyone wants to know about. Along Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue and Good Hope Road you’ll find plenty of businesses, and eateries like Uniontown Grill and Mama’s Kitchen And Pizza, along with other unique activities to keep yourself entertained. Anacosita is also home to the World’s Largest Chair, as installed in 1957 at the corner of Martlin Luther King Jr. Avenue and V Street SE. Unlike many of the other areas on the Northeast side of D.C., Anacostia has everything you need, and most everything you need is in walking distance, or in walking distance to the nearest metro line.


Housing here ranges from affordable to mid-level, due to the new influx in housing options and the gained popularity of the neighborhood the younger, newer D.C. residents. While there is plenty of interest in the area, many of the single family homes and apartment buildings remain attainable to those who don’t want to break the bank looking for a decently populated neighborhood to settle in.


Overall, Anacostia has the best of old charm and a new, brighter tomorrow, making it the al place for anyone who loves a neighborhood with a strong sense of community and a strong desire for change.

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