Top 5 Reasons why sellers want to sell houses

#1 Bottom line People underestimate how much transaction fees are.  In DC, the seller typically pays 6% agent commission and pays the part of the tax, which is 1.45%.  Therefore, the seller may lose about 10% of the sales price to those transaction costs.  Smart sellers figure out that they may end up losing more … Continued

Question:  Why Can’t I sell at Zillow’s Price?

I buy houses directly from sellers all the time. One of my most asked questions is “Why can’t I sell at Zillow’s price.” This is a valid question, it’s worth investigating. Zillow provides the “market price” for houses.  But it pulls comps from a very wide area without considering the locality. In DC, the price … Continued

How to sell my house without paying commissions

Do you know if you can sell the house without a realtor so that you won’t have to pay commission?.  This is a new way to sell your house.  You can avoid scheduling open houses, and maintaining super clean and organized estates.  You don’t have to do  “lender required repairs.”  If you think that selling … Continued

Increase your curb appeal to sell your home fast!

Let’s face it, first impressions count to potential homeowners.  “Curb appeal,” as the term implies, refers to how appealing a home looks from the outside when a prospective buyer pulls up to the curb in front of the home. Curb appeal is the first impression your home will make on a buyer. If you need … Continued

How to prevent damage to your house

During the holiday season, many people take vacations.  We once came back from vacation to find out the pipe busted in our kitchen and damaged the floor and ceiling of the basement.   It came as a surprise, but now we use low heat setting to keep our water pipes from freezing.  There are also … Continued